Tuesday, June 30, 2009

July goals

My July goals are simple:

1. Exercise every day except Sunday.
2. Plan meals.
3. Track everything I eat, and stay within my points.

Anyone else have any special July goals? What do you plan to do for exercise? I have great biking trails around here, so although I don't have a bike (plan to rent one soon), I hope to walk...and perhaps even start running again! (It's been SO long since I've run, but I love the buzz it gives me, and how I feel when I'm just going...Will I be able to do it again?)

planning meals ahead of time

Have you tried planning your meals ahead of time? Does it help you eat better?

I've been so very busy, and having tons of change going on in my life. Meanwhile, the planning of meals has fallen by the wayside, and I think that as a result, I just eat (and feed my family) whatever "sounds good," whatever is "on hand" and whatever is easy to fix FAST!

Also, being in a new country poses some obstacles: 1) We don't have a car, which means that we walk to every store and carry everything we buy! 2) I don't speak the language well yet, nor know what foods are all available nor where to find everything. This combination makes me less excited and less motivated to try to plan and shop for meals.

But I'm determined to do it. At the moment, all I have the energy or foresight to plan is tomorrow's breakfast: 1) scrambled egg and egg white with some new hot sauce I want to try, 2) fruit combo (grapefruit? strawberries?). I do like having fruit on hand, although since my husband doesn't like fruit, I don't always eat as much as I would of it around fruit-lovers.

There! At least I've got breakfast planned. :) We'll move forward from there.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

three pounds gone

189! I have to admit, I was surprised. I didn't expect to have lost three pounds this week, because I didn't follow my plan as well as I should have.

But still, I'm encouraged. And I plan to keep better track, and be more disciplined, this week. I am so inspired by other people's blogs, photos and stories; they help me to see that I can do this. If I look to the ultimate goal it seems too far...but then I remember that I can do this one day at a time, one choice at a time. It can be done! And I will do it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

freaky peach pit mold!

I felt like breakfast was a success. I know, I know, just one meal! But it means something to me to be able to figure out what's balanced, moderate and healthy to eat for one meal. Because I can make that same meal again.

I'm trying to fill up a lot on vegies and fruit. So this morning I made the light version of omelettes, and along with my omelette I had a kiwifruit and a peach. The peach was so juicy and sweet, but when I got to the pit, it broke open, full of mold. Yikes! I shrieked, but got over it quickly.

After breakfast I fixed myself a cup of tea with a little milk and sugar (1 WW pt.) and sat down at the computer. I'm determined to exercise this afternoon and make today and tomorrow winning losing days, before weighing myself again Thursday morning!

Monday, June 15, 2009

A photo from this morning

Just to settle, in an image, the problem at hand. (Or should I say, the problem at foot?)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My weight loss goal

I weigh 192 pounds. I added on quite a bit of weight with my pregnancy last year, but was already overweight before that. Here's something I wrote back in 2001, before I had accumulated many of the extra pounds I'm carrying today...

On April 30, 2001, I wrote the following:

"I think my goal weight is about 115-120, but I am not sure. In a way, I would like to weigh less, like 110, but I don’t want to be a fanatic, who is always worrying about food and about being really skinny, so I should not get too thin. My goal is to lose two pounds a week, starting today- so by next Monday, I should weigh 146."

My goals have gotten more realistic since that time, but now I have further to go to reach then that I did back then, too. I realize now that 130 is a much more reasonable and healthy weight goal, so that is what I am shooting for.

I thrive on support and encouragement, so I will welcome any comments or people who are in the same boat and need some encouragement as well. I have spent too long wishing to be thinner, and I am ready to take action and reach my goals.
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