Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Body New Life - I like it, Michael!

I actually clicked on a facebook ad (surprise number one) and really liked what I read after I clicked on it (surprise number two).

Michael Marsh, author of "New Body New Life" sets things forward in a clear way. What's this whole healthy body thing all about? It's actually so simple. "It’s true, all you have to do is eat right and get some exercise. It doesn’t matter how you go about that. Just do it in a way that fits your life, abilities, and circumstances. The real and only issue is seeing your unhealthy choices as they effect your life, and digging your heals in until whatever stands in your way no longer has control over you. Beholden to no one, or nothing. That my friend, is a feeling of clarity and freedom like nothing you can imagine."

Well said, Michael. I love that perspective. Daily, hourly, choice by choice, I need to critically examine what I'm doing and where my choices are leading me. Weight loss, as he reminds us, is simply creating a caloric deficit every day. Eat natural foods, exercise a little, and step on the scale. If the numbers aren't dropping, think about your food choices and make a change.

Habits are hard to change. Yes. But taking note of what has to be changed and doing whatever it takes to change (accountability, tracking, etc.) is possible. The key is to be attentive to what you are choosing each day, and then bit by bit change bad habits.

I watched a video clip where Michael explained how he realized his soda consumption was packing on hundreds of extra calories daily, calories that would've taken 45 minutes of running (every day!) to burn off. Conclusion he came to: drop the sodas!

Our world does barrage us with food constantly, and with expensive gimmicks that try to persuade us that dieting is complicated and that it requires special programs or foods. Michael Marsh is right when he says that it couldn't be more simple. It's just eating healthier and exercising some, and making tweaks if that is bringing about the desired weight loss. Of course, it's this same basic formula that's behind all weight loss programs.

Maybe some people need the program in order to get the results. I'm wondering if I'm one of those or not. Right now, I'm paying for WW. It's expensive, and since I'm on the road, I'm not even going to meetings. Plus, since I'm basically broke, I should cancel my subscription. If I can't lose the weight on my own, I can always re-sign up, right?

Anyways, the only funny thing about Mr. Marsh is that he complains about how everyone in the diet industry is out to get your money...but then he charges $67.00 for you to buy his program. Granted, that's not much compared to how much you pay for other diet stuff, but I think I get his basic premise? Know what's good food. Eat it, and not too much of it. Exercise. Check your progress and make changes if necessary. That's it, right?

I am inspired to start again now, not looking back! This diary will be a great place to write down what I'm doing, what changes are taking place, what struggles I'm having, what I am learning. I am excited! And I will keep posting to keep you posted!

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